Who are the good guys and who are the sad,
Which ones are happy and which ones are bad?
Which ones take all, leaving nothing behind,
Caring ’bout naught, but their own peace of mind?
Which ones the devil and which one is God.
They say ones a good guy, the others a sod.
But is not the devil just God in disguise,
That leads us to greed and a fateful demise?
And still I see life as the way that we choose,
The choice to be happy, or wallow in blue’s.
For there’s no good or bad in this life that we live,
There are just those who hold back and others who give.

So let go of hatred and cast out your pain,
Wrap your legs round it, take the horse by the reign’s.
Try not to hold back struck fast to the wall,
make the best of your life, it’s a gift after all.

In the happiness of who we are,
Drowns the sadness of who we want to be.
Happiness lies in the knowledge that it’s
Your choice.

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