What more is there to say about life than enjoy.
Though the true path to joy, is not in a party,
it’s not in a book. You wont find it in a truck
load of money, though you may find a damn good impression of it.
Surround yourselves in all the dudes and dads
that you can lay your hands on, and still you
will never find true joy among them.
True joy, is within you! True joy, relies on
only one thing. YOU! Your choice to stand above
sorrow, and taste the joy of which you are.
Feel it move within you, test you, caress you, and set you
free from trouble and strife. Or feel it tear you
and scare you and take you to the deepest pits
of your own hell.
The choice is yours?

To bring a man from sickness to health, is to heal
him of his trouble and strife. His woes and anger
are what have taken him, to his poorly self.
Yet, ’tis beauty to be seen, whence this same foe
is stripped of it’s ignorance and torn from it’s
guilt and is left naked in the sun, to be seen and
then known, as the one self. For in the one, is the
all, as one. Of which I am, as you are, that.

Don’t you ever wonder whats really going down.
The shit in this world can surely spin me out,
if I choose to let it.
My intent, what I choose to do, with the knowledge
of what I may or may not benefit. If my intent
is for excessive personal gain, then I must be
honest with myself, to determine what I need,
and what I want.
(greed is both trouble and strife).
Look, I’m not here to preach to you. I’m not here
to tell you how to be. You must find that for
yourself. All I say, is if you can be at peace in
yourself, for who you are, right now, then that’s
enough to enjoy.
so enjoy! IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

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