Lost am I, for what it is, that we are put to do
right here, right now.
And how to cope, conforming to the way they say it
ought to be.
You see, I’m just a simple soul, with no real goal to
make myself a name.
No fame will seed within my need, for there’s no deed
that I have need to flay.
No bill to pay that cannot wait a month or more,
No tax collector at my door to take the score,
Or whore that I might like to bore down on the floor.
No sordid strife to lose my life within – without.

With love I’ve found an easy path of which to cart
my load along,
I sing a song and smoke a bong and who’s to stop
me but these folk who make the rules?
These fools with such a sure perception that they are
in fact, so very right.
You see, you cannot fight with someone with a book
that say’s, we know!
And always have and always will so shoosh my friend
and take your pill,
Read on this book ‘s been here so long it must be
true, so who are you to question what God wrote.
This antidote, or someones gloat, I cant be sure it’s
such a bore I think I’ll settle for the whore.

For God is love and love the same, he needs no book,
he needs no name.
He needs no list of right or wrong, he made the knife
and smoked the bong.
For we are he and he is us, sure I am water, tree –
and dust.
For we are all and we are one, we are the stars, the
moon – and sun, the whole.

From pole to pole and back again, we’re all the same,
it’s not a trend.
It’s just the way, no games to play, so I feel the time
has come to say.

Don’t feed me with your bullshit cause my crock is
loaded high,
And it’s getting rather smelly, and attracting lots
of fly,
And I reckon we’ve all had enough, cause crickies mate
it’s getting rough,
And I give in, the shit you spin is flowing freely
down your chin.
You’ve got them in the garbage bin, too frightened
to look, too frightened to sin.
Too frightened to live our lives as we need, you
tell us we’ll pay, you tell us we’ll bleed.
You tell us we’ll cook if we don’t read the book,
and I think your a crook, so take a new look.
You’re a spinner out for personal gain.

It is important not to judge others,
Yet it is equally as important, not to be blind to the
ways of another.
The great deceiver is your own mind.
Yet, it can be easily led by the deceptions of another.
Still, is not the deceiver also the deceived, to
another deceiver?

Though the tyres lead the car and take it where it
wants to go, they are not the car.
Yet, when you’re run down by this same car, it is the
tyres, which crush you flat, to the road.

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